It’s 10 PM and there's still so much time left in the day for people like us. I only moved to this town because Michael kept begging me to and it was a mistake that I made when I was compulsively masturbating on my bed and in a deep depression. I tried to pretend it wasn’t something so vulgar found in my own alienation that perpetuated sexual fantasies I couldn’t dispel to anyone else out of fear they might call the cops on me. Michael’s reasoning for moving to this town was a little less dramatic and that's only because Michael is less dramatic. He prefered mountains over beach, wool over cotton, religion over astrology and I was convinced this was all because he grew up on a farm that raised chickens labeled free range. 


Michael’s best friend was Sarah who recently discovered she was a post lesiban and no one had any idea what that meant except for her and the two girls she bought a laundromat with. Originally Sarah had asked Michael if he wanted in on the laundromat idea but rescinded her offer when she discovered Michael had about four hundred bucks to his name. She never asked me because I was the lover of the boy that turned her into a lesbian and we both knew that we hated each other without saying it. I also didn’t see the point investing in a laundromat in a town with only two apartment buildings. Sarah said she didn’t think I had an imagination but I assured her that she didn't have one because if she did she would’ve chosen to be anything else besides a post lesbian. 


Summer was ending and Micahel felt the need to do something to prove it really was so he decided to go on a camping trip with Sarah and two of their mutual friends. I was barely invited so I definitely declined. This meant I had the weekend to watch porn and eat trash uninterrupted. Michael was carefully meticulous about every aspect of his life which meant that I had to feign appropriate hygiene and homemaking by proxy. I always appreciated that characteristic of Michael but had given up on it in myself around our third year of being together. If I was going to lose myself in a relationship it wasn't going to be to proper towel folding techniques and air frying asparagus. Where Michael excelled in maintaining a consistent domestication I was sort of an all around mess. 


Michael and Sarah and their two mutual friends were heading up to Vermont to camp because they heard it was incredibly beautiful there and had less aggressive bears. I was unsure about the metric of aggressiveness in bears and how one went about acquiring such knowledge. Michael said they had bear spray and assured me they would be fine. I was less concerned with “they” and mostly consumed with him but I appreciated the break from emotional effort and so I gave him my full blessing to go wild in the mountains of Vermont. 


The weekend turned out to be one blurr. My friend Jasper stayed over the whole weekend and we spent most of our time snorting adderall and going down Youtube holes while people screamed on the street about stolen bicycles and cameras. People outside were always screaming about things taken from them whether stolen or confiscated. Things were lost and the only thing I knew was that I had nothing to do with it.